I won a publishing package before I started writing my first book...

Join me on the journey, it's going to be quite a ride

Sue Sutherland, winner of #2020VISION writing comp, awarded publishing deal with The Unbound Press

Welcome to NewAuthor’s Newsletter by me, Sue Sutherland.

I moved to the country to escape London with the idea of writing a book. Little did I know I would win a publishing package before the boxes were unpacked. Now I’ve got 18 months to get it done and a whole new world of publishing to discover.

Here I will share the highs, lows, lefts and rights. If I learn anything, you can have it.

In my other lives, I’m a Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship Coach, BDSM practitioner, truth sayer, tree hugger, skyclad howler, probably a witch and definitely a lover.

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